I am not a life coach

Wanting to share some insights does not mean I am a life coach. I am one of you, searching, discovering, exploring who I am and all the depth that makes me who I am. This journey is about the unknown and the desire to find our truth, our reason and our place. We can do…

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Look beyond the surface

Look Beyond the surface We live on the surface… but who we are lies deep below the surface. If we took time or weren’t so quick to judge, we can recognize that there is good that resides in each one of us. Let look beyond the surface to get to know people, before we make…

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Our actions are our true belongings

Our actions are our true belongings! In a time when it seems that all we do is talk or text… we have lost touch with the value of action. Talk is cheap yet it has become the norm. Out actions are what define us… not what we say.

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Disrupt the conditioning

Why do we continue to accept societal conditioning? Is it because we don’t know there is an option? Are we afraid? Or are we not sure how to live according to our own compass? All valid questions and concerns… but we can disrupt the conditioning, we can do more than exist and we can do…

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We All Have A Voice & We All Have A Story

Living life on our terms should be mandatory… What we seek we already possess, but it’s not out there, it’s inside our chest! Check out our latest video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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The Struggle

In lieu of our Vlog today I am writing to share with you that at the end of the day we are all human. That means we all have amazing capacity to love and be happy, as well as be sad or struggle. We all go through it… none of us are immune. I wrote this weeks blog about Disrupting the…

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And so it begins…

Here is brief video that highlights what HAYL is all about. HAYL inspires self-reflection so we can discover who we are through stories, videos and blogs.

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You can’t handle the truth… or can you? Or do we choose not too? All good things to consider. Check out this Vlog and please like it and share it, also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here:…

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In The Beginning, There Was You

How are you living is more about knowing who you are… so check out this video to learn more.

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Drip by drip we strive to make a difference, yet we are only as good as the people around us. Collectively we can help each other through the process of discovery so we can reset our perspective and learn to live life on our terms.

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