Choose your Voice

The last two to three months have been very interesting for me… you see, it’s not easy launching a new project, whether you’ve done it before or not. There’s always that voice… yeah, you know the one. Even though you believe deep down that you are doing the right thing… that voice is always there to challenge you. There’s been a lot of talk about that voice… many say don’t listen to it, others say maybe you should. Let’s be honest… it’s there for a reason. I believe it’s there to challenge us, to make us look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves, are we doing the right thing? Do we have what it takes? It’s not there to defeat us… it’s there to teach us… how do I move forward knowing that voice is there?

We all hear it; some of us are just better at not allowing it to stop them from living their dreams. As I mentioned earlier, the last few months have been interesting for me. Sadly, I have been more stressed and challenged than ever before… it felt like at times there was a symphony playing in my head with a voice that was so loud and it wasn’t stopping. Interestingly, it was just the lesson I needed to hear. I kept listening and listening because I couldn’t help it and it was making me more and more overwhelmed. But finally the lesson came and it was, I can listen to it or I can change what I tell myself. When we realize that all the stress or worry or whatever doesn’t do us any good, it’s better to spend our time manifesting good thoughts. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a choice, we can feed the stress and anger or we can feed the possibilities and the belief.

Your choice!