Information Overload

If you watch TV or get your news online… it’s easy to see why we function the way we do. It’s like a formula to keep us sad, living in fear and telling us what we “need”. BUT, if you buy into this you will be happy, so you can ignore the shit going on around you that is negative, ugly and fearful. So we do, we buy in because it’s easy and everyone else is doing it.

Because of our conditioning, the lifelong events that have subconsciously dictated who we are and how we operate, we generally live life externally. Part of that process is to seek external things to show us what success looks like or what happiness appears to be or what love feels like. Instead, it is polluting our minds and distracting us with so much negativity and empty promises. We are speeding down a path to unhappiness and confusion.

One first has to believe and understand that true happiness, love, success resides inside us all. However, the guidebook for that internal exploration was never written. We are left to hopefully figure it out for ourselves… which is pretty gratifying when we do, it just doesn’t happen very often.

When we realize that we don’t have to buy into to all that noise, then we no longer let the external control us and we decide to live the life that is fulfilling to us. Join us in peeling back the onion so we can collectively change the conversation and start the alteration.