Our Story

HAYL (Pronounced HAIL) an acronym for How Are You Living is about inciting self-reflection and discovering who we are; only then will we see the possibilities available to us and discover our human potential. HAYL's purpose is to disrupt the conditioning society has created on our behalf, challenge the status quo, alter our perspective and help us to understand how to live from the inside out.

None of us are born to hate or to judge or to be unkind, these are all learned characteristics. We can love, accept and be kind just as easy. But society teaches us to be afraid and judge so we can feel better about ourselves. We have collectively been our own worst enemy, yet we still point fingers and complain because that’s what we’re taught…. but as humans we have a choice! A choice to do what is right, a choice to be generous and a choice to accept.  This is what living from the inside out means! To understand that true happiness, love, success etc. resides within us all. However, society teaches us to seek happiness externally, and in search of fulfillment, people find themselves empty-handed with nothing but feelings of inadequacy or loneliness.

By self-reflection and true introspection we begin to discover that we are here to share our gifts and passions, through this process we can help people recognize their happiness is a choice. HAYL believes you have the power to decide how to live your life and that you can find your joy, peace, success [insert your innermost desires here] by shifting your focus to living well from the inside out.

HAYL is a brand  and platform that incites self-reflection and inspires living from the inside out. We share this message through a variety of channels. We also use apparel as the messenger to promote living life on one’s own terms, to inform, educate and inspire an alteration to our collective awareness. Ultimately helping people recognize that by being willing to explore themselves and alter their internal conversations, they can live a more authentic and generous life.


HAYL proudly encourages others to “Live from the Inside Out,” showcased through its “Inside Out” campaign where people wear their t-shirts inside out to showcase that you are living from the inside out.

We want to help cut through the noise, and empower us to find the freedom to live a life that is fulfilling to our own self—whether that be life as a coffee shop performer or as an entrepreneur. Finding your path is all about asking the right questions: how are you living and how do you want to be living? HAYL encourages people to look in the mirror and not feel afraid to ask what is it that you truly want. Gaining control over your life is as simple as following your own truth and not allowing the outside world to affect who you are, how you feel or what you desire.

Today is here already, so why wait? No more excuses, no more hiding your dreams or tiptoeing in the shallow water because you’re afraid to make waves. Speak up. Be bold. Break the conditioning, and don’t worry what others think of you. When you’re living your life fulfilled from the inside out, there’s no room for negativity to enter. As a whole, we can do more than coexist. Together we can improve our own lives to better our communities and our future generations. How are you living?

Join The Alteration

Drip by drip we strive to make a difference, so every campaign we launch we will be donating 5% of the proceeds to an organization that is determined to raise awareness. This campaign we are working with SHAKTI RISING www.shaktirising.org. Please take the time to see how they are improving lives and empowering women to live from the Inside Out. We are so excited to be working with them on their mission. Now you too are part of the solution!