Our Story

HAYL (Pronounced HAIL) an acronym for How Are You Living is about inciting self-reflection and discovering who we are; only then will we see the possibilities available to us and discover our human potential. HAYL's purpose is to disrupt the conditioning society has created on our behalf, challenge the status quo, alter our perspective and help us to understand how to live from the inside out.

Knowing who we are, allows us to see what’s possible, allows us to discover our full human potential! This is not to imply that none of us know who we are, but we could know ourselves much better. We have become so good at lying to ourselves or pretending to be something we’re not, we don’t even know what the truth is or we have lost sight as to why. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! We don’t have to conform, we don’t have to fit in or accept what is. But we must know who we are first and in order to do that, we have to be honest with ourselves.

We are born with curiosity and unconditional love, yet we grow up conditioned to be something completely different. If we knew who we were, we might be doing something different. We might instead ask questions like: What do we want our life to look like? What are we passionate about? What gifts do we have? And how can we share this with the world and our community? When we start thinking this way, then we can begin to know who we are, then we begin to live our dreams versus feeling the need to conform in order to fit in… because fitting in never blazed new trails.

With self-reflection we begin to discover that we are here to share our gifts and passions, through this process we can help people recognize their happiness is a choice. HAYL believes you have the power to decide how to live your life and that you can find your joy, peace, success [insert your innermost desires here] by shifting your focus to living well from the inside out and live a more authentic and generous life.


None of us are born to hate or to judge or to be unkind, these are all learned characteristics. We can love, accept and be kind just as easy. But society teaches us to be afraid and judge so we can feel better about ourselves. We have collectively been our own worst enemy, yet we still point fingers and complain because that’s what we’re taught…. but as humans we have a choice! A choice to do what is right, a choice to be generous and a choice to accept.  This is what living from the inside out means! To understand that true happiness, love, success etc. resides within us all. However, society teaches us to seek happiness externally, and in search of fulfillment, people find themselves empty-handed with nothing but feelings of inadequacy or loneliness.

Today is here already, so why wait? No more excuses, no more hiding your dreams or tiptoeing in the shallow water because you’re afraid to make waves. Speak up. Be bold. Break the conditioning, and don’t worry what others think of you. When you’re living your life fulfilled from the inside out, there’s no room for negativity to enter. As a whole, we can do more than coexist. Together we can improve our own lives to better our communities and our future generations. How are you living?

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Drip by drip we strive to make a difference, yet we are only as good as the people around us. Collectively we can help each other through the process of discovery so we can reset our perspective and learn to live life on our terms.

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